Dear Program,

I want to invite you to join me on my quest. I want you to make it your own. Together, we will discover exciting new realms. This is an exploration into realizing our potential. My intent is to be a catalyst for miracles. I'm define a miracle as an outcome nobody (even yourself) could have imagined.

I'll be using an analogy of a computer program. That we are human programs - self-aware and ever expanding.

Over time, you will begin to discern the different programs that are running. Seeing them for what they are allows you to become more impartial and objective.

The sense of urgency is upon us like never before. While it seems like we in a dystopian novel, there's a hero within to save us from our demise.

That hero is you.

The only question I have, are you up for the challenge?

Ready for the adventure to begin?

Press Start

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